Frog of the Month

For the second month of the blog, I decided to choose the Fanged Frog, because it’s October and the Fanged Frog is kinda creepy


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  1. 1

    Neal Wilkins said,

    What a cute frog. He looks like Kermit with bloodshot eyes. And funny feet. I have never seen a frog like this one. Where do they live? Yeah, I know, trees. That I get. I mean what continents or types of habitat? Probably the jungle, I will guess the Amazon.

  2. 2

    Emily said,

    yes the amosone is right but they live in other places to like the tropical lowlands from southern Mexico and throughout Central America and in northern South America to! yet they are still endangered.

  3. 3

    Louis said,

    Just finished reading a bit of research on why frogs are endangered, and thanks to the conservation community and to frog enthusiasts –like you– for calling greater attention to the importance of amphibians to our ecological system; and furthermore, without this call for attention, to say the least, generations to follow may not be able to experience the unique sounds frogs make, let alone the potentiality to discover new medicine (and perhaps more natural ones) that frogs may provide for the human species.

    On a side note I remember, when I was a child of course (still am sometimes), catching a tadpole and watching it develop into a frog inside my little aquarium. It was one of the coolest thing ever!! So so cooooooooool!!!!!!

    Thanks for creating this web blog! This site is one great way to share our thoughts and concerns and to have others more aware of things that sometimes go un-notice.

    Mr. Elmo, Tubbs, Louisee, etc. (aka Mr. Nguyen)

  4. 5

    sub4 said,

    Ha ha!! Hi, Spencer!!!!!!!!! funny. too funny!! 🙂

    Mr. Nguyen

  5. 6

    sub4 said,

    Hey check it…this frog is even more creepy–not. Nonetheless, it’s got the biggest eyes and the longest tongue that can catch a fly over in south-east Asia. But still, I heard he’s a Prince now…just look at him! What a prince!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!! But, since it’s the month of October, the laughing goes like this: Wuuuuaaa haa haa ha ha!! Wuuuuaaa haa haa ha!!! Wuuuuaaaaahhh ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!!!!!! 🙂

    All right, no more silliness.

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