Frogtastic Facts

-Some frogs can jump as much as 20 times their own length.



-Because frogs have eyes and nostrils that are on the tops of their heads, they can see and breathe while the rest of the body is under water. Adult frogs breathe with lungs, but also absorb oxygen through their skin.



-Frogs have smooth skin, and long legs to help them leap. Toads have drier warty skin and short legs, and they move by crawling or hopping rather than by leaping. Technically, though, toads are just a type of frog.



-There are over 4000 species of frogs in the world, though only 88 species in the US and Canada. They are all over the world, except for Antarctica and Iceland.



-Some tree frogs live their whole lives in the trees, and never come down. They even lay their eggs in the tree branches or on leaves.

-Some frogs lay as many as 25000 eggs while others may lay as few as 4.

 -tadpoles breathe through gills while adult frogs breath through crude lungs and also absorb oxygen through their skin.

-People who study frogs and toads are called herpetologist. Herpetology is the study of amphibians and reptiles.

 -The earliest known frog fossils to date were found in Arizona and are believed to be from the late Jurasic period, about 190 million years ago.

-Frogs don’t drink water but absorb it through their skin.

-Most frogs can change their color somewhat to match their surroundings.

-In Japan frogs are symbols of good luck

-Native American and Australian aborigines believed frogs brought rain

-In India frogs personified thunder.

-In China it wasn’t the Man in the Moon but the Frog in the Moon. In a lunar eclipse the frog swallowed the moon!

-In ancient Egypt, frogs were symbols of resurrection and were even mummified with the dead.

-The golden poison arrow frog of Columbia has a skin secretion that is so deadly it can not be handled by bare hands. Native Americans used the poison to coat their hunting arrows. Just 0.2 micrograms of his poison in your



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    sub4 said,

    Ha ha!!!!!!! I knew it! Toads ARE a type of frog. I knew it!!! I was right!!!!!!! Woo hooooo!!! I will remember that from now on as a just-in-case I get asked in Trivia Pursuit.

    By the way, which is more satisfying: Drinking water or absorbing it through the skin? Well, I guess if one wanted to be lazy, then absorbing it would be more satisfying. But I gotta say that the feeling of gulping is oh so refreshing and goooood!

    To me, a frog symboliizes courage, strength, intelligence, high spirited, aptitude, and googly eyes.


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