Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of frogs we personally love. Look at them!

If you want to send in one, don’t hesitate!


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  1. 1

    sub4 said,

    I love the second one from the bottom; the eyes look googly!! The expression on the frog’s face looks funny, too–like a “huh?” expression. Ha ha ha!! 🙂

    Mr. Tubbs (aka Mr. Nguyen)

  2. 2

    sub4 said,

    Here you go…got this from a book I just read…

    “Two Tree Toads”

    A three-toad tree toad tried to tie a two-toad tree toad’s shoe. But tying two-toad shoes is hard for three-toad toads to do, since three-toad shoes each have three, and two-toad shoes have two.

    “Please tie my two-toad tree toad shoe!” The two-toad tree toad cried.
    “I tried my best. Now I must go.” The three-toad tree toad sighed.

    The two-toad tree toad’s two-toed shoe; alas, remained untied.

    Picture from National Geographics

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